Peanut Butter - dog treat or dog poison?!?


Peanut butter is a common treat for dogs but is it safe for your pooch? The answer is YES if it does not contain the deadly for dogs’ artificial sweetener XYLITOL.




Peanut butter is a source of plant proteins, healthy fats, Vitamins B, E and niacin. It should be given responsibly as it may cause obesity or pancreatitis.




Xylitol is used to replace sugar in many sweets for people with diabetes. Recently it has been added to nut spreads which are popular dog treat.





Xylitol is toxic and extremely dangerous for dogs. Indigestion even of very small dose of it can cause a rapid and life treating drop of dog's blood sugar or a condition called "hypoglycaemia". 15 - 30 minutes after consumption of xylitol dogs became disoriented, depressed and start showing signs of weakness. They can collapse or to be very lethargic. Larger doses of xylitol can cause liver damage, seizures, coma and ultimately death.

If you suspect you dog has eaten something which contains xylitol, seek immediately veterinary advice and transport your dog to closest veterinary practice for emergent treatment.

To keep you dog happy, always read carefully the label and make sure that the peanut butter you give to your dog is raw, unsalted and xylitol-free or other sweeteners-free.






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