The Successful Weight Loss Story Of One Incredible Dog


Here is the inspiring weight loss story of the rescue dog Peete and his owner Eric.


Seven years ago, Eric was told that he had 5 years to live because he was grossly obese. He had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes type 2.  


Eric was advised to increase his activity and to adopt a dog. Then he met the obese dog Peete. Peete became his best friend and they walked together the path of losing the excessive weight.


Obesity in dogs is the accumulation of excess body fat. This happen when dog's consumption of calories exceeds daily energy expenditure and the excess energy is stored in fat(adipose) tissue.


Numerous diseases and reduced lifespan are associated with obesity. Fat cells produce and secrete many substances which cause chronic low grade inflammation which affects many body systems.


Here is a list of most common diseases associated with or caused by obesity:


o   Diabetes mellitus


o   Decreased immune function


o   Exercise intolerance


o   Heat intolerance


o   Increased blood pressure


o   Osteoarthritis


o   Cardiovascular disease


o   Increased risk of developing cancer


o   Increased risk for anaesthetic complications.









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