15 Reasons to choose a Homemade Diet for your dog



1.    All ingredients are fresh, wild-grown, organic or natural.

2.    Avoiding all additives that are present in most commercial dog foods.

3.    Avoiding possible contamination that could be present in commercial foods.

4.    Avoiding added chemicals present in some commercial foods.

5.    Avoiding by-products present in many commercial foods.

6.    You are able to add ingredients which are not found in commercial foods.

7.    You are able to provide a variety of foods.

8.    Providing exceptional palatability and maintaining an adequate food intake even in a finicky dog. 

9.    Preventing possible development of some diseases associating with wrong nutrition. 

10.    Providing a balanced diet to a dog addicted to table food or a single grocery item.

11.    Constructing a nutritional profile for dietary management of a disease for which commercial food is not available.

12.    Restricting allergens/causative substances found in commercial food. 

13.    Supporting a sick or terminally ill dog through home cooking and hand feeding.

14.    Feeding your dog vegetarian or vegan diet.

15.    Great way to bond with your dog as you personally cook for her/him.



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